The development of grass varieties for amenity uses is a long-term, costly and sophisticated business. Plant breeding (crossing, selecting and conducting trials) typically takes a decade or more.


The purpose of Turfgrass Seed is to report comprehensive results of available varieties in trials designed to test suitability for:
  • Use in winter sports pitches, such as football and rugby fields, and municipal recreation areas (Sports Uses Trials)
  • Use in lawns, summer sports pitches, tennis courts, turf and general landscaping (Lawn Landscaping, Summer Sports and Turf Trials).
  • Use in the intensive management seen on golf and bowling greens (Greens, Close MownTrials). 
Turfgrass Seed presents the best available interpretation of correctly designed, accurately analysed and independently supervised trials to our collective customer, the professional user of high quality amenity grass cultivars.
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