Seed Quality

If you want your amenity grass to perform without compromise then it is vital to start by selecting and sowing the right mixture. This will encompass a number of key features. Firstly, the mixture will contain species and varieties that have been selected and bred to deliver the results that you would expect – whether it is for a football pitch, tennis court or bowling green.

The quality of the seed that goes into each and every bag is also critical. Nobody wants to introduce weeds onto the site they are seeding and, in addition, excessive quantities of dust or inert matter will make absolutely no contribution to any projects that you are planning to undertake. But seed purity is only half the story – the ability of the clean seed to germinate and establish rapidly is just as important.

When you specify an MM mixture, rest assured that all these important aspects have been covered as part of our comprehensive Quality Control Programme. With state of the art seed cleaning facilities and a well-equipped seed testing laboratory, we know that every seed that goes into an MM bag is there for the right purpose.

With MM there is an added quality bonus – our mixtures are treated with HEADSTART® GOLD. This user-friendly, non-toxic treatment can help your grass get off to the best possible start – especially if conditions at sowing time are less than ideal.

So, next time you are buying an amenity mixture, remember that not all grass seeds are created equal! Make the wrong choice and your project could be compromised from day one. Make the right choice – MM mixtures – and all your projects will have the best foundation for future growth.