The revolutionary natural grass seed treatment that ensures rapid germination. HEADSTART® GOLD is the latest in performance-enhancing grass seed coatings for sports fields, golf courses, lawns and amenity turf.  

HEADSTART® GOLD is a biological germination accelerator which is the second generation of the original HEADSTART® formula 

HEADSTART® GOLD has been further developed and improved in a number of different 
ways through research, testing and field trials work. HEADSTART® GOLD includes major and micro nutrients which include Phosphorus, Sulphur, Copper and Molybdenum. These nutrients stimulate root formation, development 
and growth, ensuring that the seedling grass plant develops a strong root system during the critical start-up phase. This leads to better access to moisture and nutrients and makes the grass seedling stronger and more resistant to stress.

In a short time, HEADSTART® GOLD can help you by giving faster germination, creating stronger roots and ultimately, healthier and stronger amenity turf. The improved seed technology of HEADSTART® GOLD works to help improve amenity grass establishment in all situations. This, along with quality MM seed, gives sports and amenity turf the best possible start.

HEADSTART® GOLD comes as standard on all MM seed mixtures. MM seed offers the highest quality seed in germination and purity standards, meeting the high demands and expectations of today's professional grass users.